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About Us

Fabunni Protective Apparel is a PPE clothing manufacturer located in the Bronx, New York that produces CE, FDA, PPE, and IS0 apparel and accessories.  They design and produce  KN95 masks, N95 masks, 3-ply masks, CE bouffant caps, PPE coveralls, PPE gowns, radioactive haZmat suits, face shields, goggles, booties, medical gloves, nitrile gloves, thermometers, and ventilators.  Fabunni Protective Apparel protects and safeguards the body against viruses, bacteria, dust, bloodborne pathogens, light-liquid splashes, bio-aerosols, radiation and chemical vapors. The MOQ (minimum order per quantity) is 1000 pieces. Their capacity is 500,000 pieces per day. Fabunni Protective Apparel is very passionate about your protection and safety.